Amazon’s increasing gross merchandise volume (GMV) has been keeping pace with its rapid growth over the years. As reported by Credit Suisse, the contribution of marketplace sellers is expected to double from an estimated $103 billion in 2016 to $212 billion by 2019. Although Amazon only releases data on its own sales, estimates for these third party sellers can be calculated by analyzing first-party GMV alongside other critical information.

Credit Suisse predicts that Amazon’s GMV will continue to grow at a decreasing pace over the next several years. However, even if its growth did slow to an estimated 15% by 2023, it would still be the leading contributor to the U.S. e-commerce market.

Credit Suisse highlights Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) reports. Statistics predicting that 70% of third-party units will be fulfilled by Amazon by 2020 align with outside research anticipating the continued growth of FBA use among top sellers.

Amazon is ultimately predicted to grow by $35 billion in GMV both this year and next. For sellers, this presents a monumental opportunity.